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Hello everyone!   This is the commission page.  As I'm sure you've noticed, it's pretty lacking in pretty pictures at the moment.  The reason for that is that while I'm working hard at making graphics for the site and I want it to look as nice as possible, there are some aspects of the site that need to be functional!  This is one of them.

Here you will find information about my various kinds of commission offers, from my custom commission work to my hourly streams and other things.  Hopefully it's simple to understand and if you have any questions or wish to commission something from me, please contact me at

Thank you for your interest! ^v^

Standard Commissions
Conscript Streams
Sketch on the Spot

Standard Commissions 

These are my regular commissions which are tailor made for you and are set at a fixed price that is based on how much time is required to do a piece and the detail of the work.  I will try to have the simpler pieces done in under two weeks, while larger pieces can take two to four weeks to complete, depending on scheduling and availability.  For pieces larger than those below, I may require more time or have to shift scheduling, so I'll contact you about that.  As always, these prices are subject to change.

Still, I have a lot of options available for you to choose from, so I'm confident I am able to suit your needs.

Availability will be displayed here, I usually carry between three to seven slots depending on my health, schedule and financial situation.

For current commission slots and info, please refer to THIS chart!

Feel free to check out my galleries below if you're curious about my work:


No Longer Updated

Type Base Additional Character (each)* Add Background
Sketch (Black & White) $20 $15 $20
Sketch (Colored) $30 $25 $30
Inked (Black & White) $45 $35 $35
Inked (Monochrome) $55 $45 $50
Inked (Colored) $65 $55 $60
*Up to 3 additional characters.  Please enquire directly if a piece requires more than that.
Commission Demo (Eddie & Cass)Commission Demo

Conscript Streams

Little foxes work hard to bring you the best art!  ovo!  It's true!

You can hire your very own for $20.00 USD an hour to draw whatever you like while you and your friends watch!  You want a whole lot of little sketches!  We can do that!  You want a single nice piece?  We can do that as well!  Or you can even change your mind mid-stream!  If you want colors on a sketch you bought, that's fine too!

There is a two hour minimum, and the longest a single stream can last is five hours of work time, though you're welcome to buy another round as long as there are slots available.  There will be breaks during the stream (so the foxes don't get too tired!) but those will not count towards the stream amount.

If the stream is ended pre-maturely, either by you, or by us, the remaining time will be recorded and rescheduled.  Hopefully, this won't happen very often, but life, being what it is, will undoubtedly cause trouble now and again.  So bear that in mind.

If the subject matter you ask for makes the little thing uncomfortable (hatespeech, vendetta art, and certain fetishes) then they are allowed to pass on any request or ask that the request be changed to make it more amiable.  If the commissioner or their guests start to  behave inappropriately, then the stream may be halted or the offending party may be ejected from the stream.

Treat the foxes nicely!  They just want to make you happy!

For more information, please e-mail us at

Sketch on the Spot!

Sketch on the Spot is my weekly commission stream that occurs every Friday at 8PM EST!  For $10 USD, I'll draw a sketch for you, on the spot, so you have something nice and fun for the weekend! 

I'll post everything I've done on Friday the next day on my tumblr and periodically throughout the following week at my other galleries in accordance with their submission rules.

If you want, I can also color your picture for an additional $10 the following week, just show up in one of my standard work streams and ask.  If I'm available, I'll go ahead and do it for you!  You can do this at any time, even if it's for something that wasn't from the previous week.

Now, how do you get in on this?  Well, here are the steps.

1. Ask!

Let me know that you want on the list!

The list is HERE. (It has its own tab.)

In order to get on the list, you can either message me via deviantArt or Inkbunny's private message system, e-mail me at or ask me directly during a stream!

I'll put you on the end of the list and as people get their commissions worked, you'll move further up!  Simple!  Once your piece has been drawn, you go back to bottom again and the cycle starts anew.


2. Send!

On Friday, if you're planning to attend or you just want your picture done, then consider sending me an e-mail at with the subject line "SotS" or "Sketch on the Spot" and tell me what you want for that night.  (If you send it to the GrayscaleRain address, it won't count because I will end up losing it and I'm not going to look for it.)

You're also welcome to note me on dA or IB, or send me your idea in the PM system in stream when your turn is up (but not until, please.)

The rules for the pictures are as follows:

- Keep it simple, please.
   - (The more complicated the picture, the messier it'll end up being.  If you really want a super complex picture, just commission me.)
- Nudes and Pin-Ups are OK.
- Hardcore Sex and Gore largely depend on my mood and the request.  Some requests might chase people out of the stream, so bear that in mind.  I might skip them, if I'm not feeling it, and come back later or just ask you to request something else.  You won't lose your spot in that case.
- I definitely do NOT do:
   - Scat/Watersports (Don't want to.)
   - Cub/Shota/Loli in sexual situations (Just in case, sorry.)
   - Excessive Piercings (anything below the belt especially)
If you have questions, please e-mail me at!  It never hurts to ask, and I won't judge you.

3. Watch!

Come join us in the stream!  The stream flows as follows:
  -  I rotate the list so that everyone who had their stuff done the prior week is at the end of the list in the order they were done the previous week.
  -  I progress through the list in order based on who is present in the chat.
  -  If I have time, everyone who's not present who sent in an e-mail asking to have a picture done will have their picture done.
  -  If I STILL have time, I'll start over again from the top

Once I get to your turn, you get to watch your sketch done!

4. Pay & Receive!

Send your $10 through Paypal to and once I've gotten your payment, I'll send you the link to your picture!  Easy!

The stream runs usually from 8PM EST to 2AM EST.  We usually stream at Picarto.TV, though this is subject to change.  Feel free to stop by!  All regular stream rules apply, so be nice, but I'd love to have you!

All prices USD.
No refunds for completed pieces.

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