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Howdy folks!

In contrast to last week, I don't have a lot to say this week.  Just working
on stuff and trying to move things forward the best I can!  A little late
this week because of the three-day weekend.  I was hanging out with
Dicy and Squeakers, because Dicy is going on another work related
trip next week and I'll be mostly working that week anyway.

Not much to say otherwise, though!  Just pounding away at those

Onto the lists! Here’s the short list.

#404 (Hunter) - In Progress (Lineart)
#407 (Iron) - In Progress (Lineart)
#419 (DocCarrot) - In Progress (Coloring)
#420 & 448 (RazorBreeze) - In Progress (Preliminary Sketching)
#428 (Foxy Dean) - Complete!
#429 (Radec) - Complete!
Patreon Reward (Norithics) - Not Started
Patreon Reward (Kithpine) - Not Started

The FULL list is, of course, on the Schedule Page.

Repeating last week, Various Happenings is probably going to be on
irregular updates for a bit, at least until after the first of the year when I'm
able to work towards the end of Chapter 5.  There might be enough
time to do single updates from there onward or I might just push out
double updates if I'm lagging behind and I don't have anything else to
do!  I hope I can manage it but I've got a plan, so we'll see how it works

It's actually getting freeze warnings at night, now.  XD  I guess it's winter,
now?  Or something.  Weather, you so crazy.

I hope you're all having a great week!  Have a good one and see
you all next week!



A Special Thanks goes out to this month's Super Fox, Curious Garchomp,
for their support!  If you want to help us stay fed and invest towards
some cool projects in the future like more Various Happenings, consider
checking us out over on Patreon.  We really couldn't do it without fans
and supporters like you.


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