Fox Saliant Studios
Hall of Friends!

Hello there, and welcome to the FSS Hall of Friends!

Below, you can see a list of all the donators and
patrons that we've gotten within' the past few years!

If you're one and you're not on this list,
e-mail me!  I'd hate to think I forgot someone!

If you'd like to donate to us, or become a patron over at,
then you can follow the links above to do so!  Every little bit helps!

The foxes appreciate it!

Donations & Patronage
    Name       Amount  
doomcup $2.00
Jon Helfrich $5.00
Eric Pim $11.00
Nick $12.00
Kemix $12.00
Bushido Bob  $18.00
Alex K  $18.50
Michelle H. $20.00
Wolfenlord  $25.00
Winter $39.96
Karma $40.00
Emdefmek $55.00
Hobbsmeerkat $80.00
Chaotick9 $100.00
Scarlet Rose  $123.00
Martin V $145.00
Shadesfox  $170.00
EDB-Command $200.00
Uncle Carmine  $200.00
JWhoof  $340.00