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Streams usually begin between 8 and 10 pm EST
Announcements can be found at our tumblr, twitter, dA, and Inkbunny pages.


As a digital artist, streaming my work is fairly important to me!  It gives me an opportunity
to interact with my fans, a way to entertain people with my art, and a means to show
clients the ins and outs of how I do my job. 

It wasn't until I started streaming that my work really took off so I feel that it is one of
those things that's really important to me.  I usually try and stream two or three times
a week, particularly on Friday evening.

If you want to come and hang out in the stream to watch or chat with the other
stream-goers, then I'm happy to have you and entertain you!  However, there are a few
rules that you should be aware of and do your best to follow, for the sake of politeness,
your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of everyone else around you.
0.  Don't be a jerk.

1.  No soapboxing.  Discussions about sensitive topics are fine, as long as they remain civil.
If they start to get personal or I request that the discussion be stopped due to it
becoming a distraction, then it will be discontinued.

2.  Keep your drama to yourself.  Any personal issues a stream-goer has with another should
be left out of the stream chat and be taken care of elsewhere.
Don't drag your fights into my house.

3.  Bear in mind, you're a guest.  Conduct yourselves accordingly.  Don't make other
people uncomfortable.  If your  behavior is making other people uneasy, you will be
told to stop. Also, while light RP in the chat is fine, please do not engage in adult roleplay
in the stream chat.  You will be issued a temporary ban.  Seriously, it's very awkward for
everyone. Also, a personal beef here but, don't complain about my music, please. 
If you want to hear something specific, feel free to ask.  If you don't like what's being
played, just mute the stream.

4.  This isn't a charity.  Do not make requests unless I specifically ask for them.
Usually each stream has a plan about what will be drawn during that stream and I tend
not to depart from that plan unless my client does not show up or I'm not feeling
very well that day.  And no, telling me that it's your birthday or that something bad
happened to you is not going to make it any more likely that I'll draw something
for you for free.

5.  Keep the PMs for important things.  If you have information about a commission, please
e-mail me or note me at one of the other sites.  Do not message me on Picarto or Tumblr
because unless I'm actively working on your commission at the time, I will lose and forget
the information.  Also, if I'm busy with someone else's commission, don't PM me just to start
a conversation.  Just talk in the chat.  It's very distracting otherwise and I'm not going to
carry on a dozen separate conversations with people while drawing.
Just talk in the chat and I'll see it eventually.

6.  Mind your links.  Since the stream is NSFW more often than not, the posting of art
pieces is expected and generally fine as long as a request is made to do so
(and any warnings you feel appropriate are given out of courtesy.)  The posting of
actual real-life pornography is, however, is not allowed and will be met with a warning.

7.  Seriously, mind your links.  The posting of illegal or damaging materials such as
(but not limited to) warez, viruses, links to personal information or credit card
information, illicit pornography, and anything else that might damage or disturb other
viewers or the artist will be met with a ban and be reported to the necessary authorities,
including and (if necessary) law enforcement authorities.

8.  No hate.  Any sort of hate speech or the use of slurs in speech or usernames as well as
racist, homophobic or otherwise uncivil jokes and sayings will be met with reprisal
including warnings, bans, and reporting to the staff depending on the severity
of the offense.

9.  Have fun!  Seriously, that's why we're here!  if you're not going to be doing that, then
there's no point!  Just sit back, relax and enjoy yourselves!  There's too much drama and
garbage out in the world anyway.  I like my stream to be a happy place.


Thanks for taking the time to read the rules!  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail
me at for more information!


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