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New Various Happenings, as per usual!  I went ahead and updated the Hall of Friends (finally!) so if you don't see your name on there and you've put money towards the Patreon then let me know!  If you want your name on there and you haven't, consider checking it out!  It's mainly just a fanclub at the moment, but I'll see about doing some cool stuff in the upcoming year for all of you!

Commissions should be opening next week, so if you've been wanting to check that out, I should have my information updated this weekend!

I've also updated the Streaming page with the rules for the streams over at my Picarto channel!  They're pretty basic, but it's good to get that out of the way!  There'll be more updates soon, so I'll see you then!  Let's have a great year going forward!

Until next time!


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