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New Various Happenings today!  Go check that out. ^v^

School's coming up next week so commissions are CLOSED for the time being, unless I've already spoken to you about it or your commission is currently in progress!  I will open them again once I get everything finished, however.

Sketch on the Spot will continue throughout the semester unless my work load becomes too intense.

I'm going to be updating the site in little ways in the next month or so.  I'm going to be working on the gallery, so that I at least have some things to show for you from the whole last decade when I open it, as well as updating the navigation and actually adding in some of the pages that I've left blank.

But hey!  Made that page in under a month, at least!  Now we'll see if I can get two in the month coming up.  Hehe.  Baby steps!


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