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Hey there!

Two Various Happenings updates today!  One was put up on Friday (but I forgot to make a post about it!) and the other one just went up today!  I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did making them.  I feel the latter is one of my best pieces to date.

Working on commissions!  Been a bit depressed so I haven't been able to do much this week but I'm going to try to get more sleep and take care of myself more in order to keep up productivity. 

I've got an October special going on, which you can check out over at my dA page if you're so inclined!

I've also updated the Commissions page to reflect the new Sketch on the Spot rules (it's about time!) as well as having a link to my commission list.  I won't be posting slots directly on the site anymore, but you can simply check out the spreadsheet to show all the current information!  It's all in one spot now, so that should make it easier on everyone!

I hope this year is faring you all well and let's have a good time carrying on into winter!


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